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Supplier information

CCGs and CSUs are required to use an Integrated Single Financial Environment (ISFE) to procure and pay for any goods and services.

New invoicing procedures

To ensure prompt payment of all approved invoices, all existing suppliers will need to provide data specifically designed to go onto the new (ISFE) system.

As a new supplier, please send in your letterhead with the bank details you’d like our payment to go to and we can set you up on the system.

Please email this information to your operational contact within the SNCCG team.  Please ensure the information on your letterhead is replicated on your invoices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please telephone the CCG's Finance Team - 01603 257059


Special Details for Care Home Patients

You will need to obtain details of the Commissioning GP and the CCG to which they are attached so that you can ensure the invoice is address to the correct CCG for payment.. 

Invoices containing Personal Identifiable Information

In compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and the NHS Care Record Guarantee, we continue to actively encourage the removal of personal identifiable information included as supporting evidence on or with invoices submitted for payment. For all Continuing Health Care invoices please ensure you identify each patient via their NHS number only, to ensure that invoice validation can take place and avoid rejection of that invoice.

SBS monitor invoice submission and are likely to reject invoices and/or additional attachments which they consider contain patient sensitive information, as all invoices and attachments will be scanned and therefore open to review by anyone who has access to the ledger.  Such invoices/attachments will be returned to be anonymised before being resubmitted and will result in payment delay.

Ensuring you get paid – what to do with your invoices

One of the most significant changes will be the new postal address and/or payables code for all invoices and credit notes. All invoices must be sent to our shared services centre in Tingley but it is important that you also include the name of the organisation that you are invoicing and the unique organisational ID and payables code that we have assigned that organisation to ensure that your invoice is accurately processed.

For South Norfolk, please address all invoices as follows:


Phoenix House
Topcliffe Lane
West Yorkshire

Further guidance on this template. If you have any questions or concerns, please please telephone the CCG's Finance Team - 01603 257059

Working with SBS

NHS SBS processes millions of invoices for client organisations every year and are keen to work closely with suppliers to provide the best service possible. In this section, suppliers can find out more about how NHS SBS works, how to submit invoices and find out the answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have recently received a letter about invoicing and payment arrangements for April then please click here.

Whilst we try to accommodate different supplier requirements there are some NHS SBS basic invoice practises which we need to be followed in order for an invoice to be processed. Our Good Invoicing Practice guide is available here.

Invoices need to be sent directly to NHS SBS unless specifically instructed otherwise by a client organisation. This exception normally only applies to pharmacy, catering, GP or optician payments. Invoices must contain an Organisation and Payables Code within the address so that we can identify which client is being invoiced. The code consists of two parts, the Organisation Code (Org ID) provided by the Department of Health and the Payables Code which is a system number allocated to the organisation by SBS. Click here for full details of all codes.

The Client Service Centre (CSC) is a department within NHS SBS and offers an Accounts Payable query handling service for all companies providing goods or services to our clients. With the exception of disputes CSC provides a single point of contact for both suppliers and clients reducing the need for you to chase individuals and different departments.

To view our CSC Leaflet please click here. To contact the CSC please call 0303 123 1177.