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Equality Delivery System

Equality Delivery System

EDS2 is more streamlined and simpler to use compared with the original EDS. It is aligned to NHS England’s commitment to an inclusive NHS that is fair and accessible to all.

At the heart of the EDS2 is a set of 18 outcomes grouped into four goals. These outcomes focus on the issues of most concern to patients, carers, communities and staff. It is against these outcomes that performance is analysed, graded and action determined. The grading of the CCG will be carried out by local people across Morecambe Bay on a yearly basis.

The four EDS2 goals are:

1. Better health outcomes for all

2. Improved patient access and experience

3. Empowered, engaged and included staff

4. Inclusive leadership at all levels

The grades for EDS2 are as follows:

1.    Undeveloped – Red

2.    Developing – Amber

3.    Achieving – Green

4.    Excelling – Purple

Useful links

NHS South Norfolk and North Norfolk CCG's latest EDS2 Summary Report (February 2019) is available for download below: