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The Norfolk and Waveney Health and Care Partnership - Developing our five year plan for health and care

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney are a part of the Norfolk and Waveney Health and Partnership, and we are working together to develop a five year plan for health and care in Norfolk and Waveney.

We’ve heard from and spoken to lots of local people, organisations and health and care professionals about what they would like to see in our plan. Over the summer of 2019, we used the Dialogue application to hold real-time discussions about the ideas that local people and patients had regarding improving health and care. You can read a full version of these discussions here: https://ingoodhealth.dialogue-app.com/

You can download and draft the latest version of Norfolk and Waveney's five year plan via Norfolk and Waveney's Health and Wellbeing Board's website: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/what-we-do-and-how-we-work/policy-performance-and-partnerships/partnerships/health-partnerships/health-and-wellbeing-board/stp-five-year-plan

Here’s a summary of what people have told us: 

  • People don’t want to have to repeatedly tell their story to different health and care professionals. They want their care to be better coordinated by the different professionals and services supporting them, and they want us to make quicker progress with joining-up how health and care services work together.
  • We should do more to keep people healthy and well, and prevent people from getting ill. “The earlier you deal with issues, the cheaper and more effective it is”. Our approach to prevention should have a focus on children and young people, together with support for parents and carers, on building active and involved communities, as well as addressing the wider determinants of health, such as housing.
  • We need to make the most of the opportunities that new technology offers to improve people’s care. If we invest in technology it will help to reduce the pressure on our services. If we don’t or get our approach wrong, it has the potential to undermine everything else we want to achieve. We should focus on digital transformation and with real pace.
  • Recruiting more people to work in health and care, and supporting our workforce must be a priority. To provide the high quality, compassionate and person-centred care we want we need to recruit new people to work in the health and care sector, as well as do much more to retain our existing NHS and social care workforce.
  • People have mixed experiences of being able to get an appointment at their GP surgery. On the whole people can get an appointment at their GP surgery in an emergency, but for some getting more routine appointments is a problem. Many people are happy to see different professionals, but being able to see a named GP or the same nurse is particularly important for those with long-term conditions.
  • Getting different health and care professionals to work together in teams is a real opportunity to improve people’s care. We need to invest more in primary and community care to improve the quality of care people receive, prevent people from unnecessarily going to hospital and to help take pressure off others parts of the system.
  • Improving mental health care is a priority area for Norfolk and Waveney. People of all ages should be able to get the help and support they need quickly and easily, so that their mental health needs are treated early. We should increase our focus on prevention and wellbeing, provide appropriate support for people in crisis and effective inpatient care.
  • People generally like going to their local hospital for simple procedures and treatments, and attending other hospitals for more complex procedures. For example people receive more routine cancer care at the Queen Elizabeth and James Paget hospitals, but travel to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for more specialist treatment, such as robotic surgery.
  • We should work more closely with local community groups, voluntary organisations and faith groups. The NHS can’t cure everything, we need to work in partnership to keep people healthy, well and active, to support people when they’re ill and care for people when they need help.
  • It’s important we consider travel and transport to and from health services and activities which keep people healthy and well. The rural nature of parts of Norfolk and Waveney, and the cost transport can be barriers to people getting to services and living healthy lifestyles.

To help develop our five year plan we've started to pull together all the feedback we've had from recent research, engagement and consultations into one report. You can read our interim report below.

We've also published a short update on the development of our plan, also available below.