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Main Switchboard: 01603 257000

Smokefree Norfolk

Each year, thousands of people in Norfolk try and quit smoking. As with all addictions, quitting can be very tough but with support things can become a lot easier.

With support, smokers that use Smokefree Norfolk are four times more likely to quit than going cold turkey! It’s as simple as:

1. Booking an appointment

2. Setting a quit date

3. Seeing the advisor each week for four weeks after your quit date and take the treatment prescribed.

4. Welcome to the world of the ex-smokers!

It’s as simple as that which is why over half the people that use Smokefree Norfolk end up quitting.

Clinics are all around Norfolk so get in touch and book your first appointment today. And the best bit, it’s free!

To start, just call 0800 0854 113 or text bfree and your name to 65000