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Gifts and Hospitality Register

The Managing Conflicts of Interest, revised statutory guidance for CCGs, was published in June 2016.  This included the strengthening of the provisions around the management of gifts and hospitality, including commercial sponsorship.

A 'gift' is defined as any item of cash or goods, or any service, which is provided for personal benefit, free of charge or at less than its commercial value.

Gifts of any nature offered to CCG staff, governing body and committee members and individuals within GP member practices by suppliers or contractors linked to the CCG’s business should be declined, whatever their value.

Individuals should be able to demonstrate that the acceptance or provision of hospitality would benefit the NHS or CCG.

Modest hospitality provided in normal and reasonable circumstances may be acceptable, although it should be on a similar scale to that which the CCG might offer in similar circumstances.  There is a presumption that offers of hospitality which go beyond modest should be politely refused.

A non-exhaustive list of examples includes:

  • Hospitality of a value of above £25
  • Offers of foreign travel and accommodation

For more information regarding the register, contact SNCCG.communications [at] nhs.net

2016-18 SNCCG Register of gifts and hospitality

2019-20 SNCCG Register of gifts and hospitality