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Our Population

More than half the population of South Norfolk are of working age although there are higher numbers of children and older people than across the county as a whole. The South Norfolk area has a significant older people's population -  24% of the population are aged 65+ which is in line with the average across Norfolk (24%), but significantly higher than the national average for England (18%). The number of older people is set to rise further over the next 20 years.

More information about the population of South Norfolk CCG area is available on Norfolk Insight.

People living in the North Norfolk CCG area generally report that their health is good or very good which is similar to the averages for Norfolk and England. More information about general health and wellbeing in South Norfolk CCG area is available on Norfolk Insight.

While deprivation is better than average and life expectancy is higher than average there are still areas which South Norfolk can target to improve health, such as adult and childhood obesity, physical activity and healthy diet. There is also some evidence that alcohol consumption levels in the more affluent and older section of the population are quite high.

The latest Public Health Norfolk Health and Wellbeing profile for North Norfolk CCG area is available on Norfolk Insight.

To find out more about the population of Norfolk is available in the Director of Public Health Annual Report. More general information about the South Norfolk CCG area is available here.